Submissions from UK-based photographer Nabeel Siddiqui

A Known World, photographs by Texas-based artist Adam Neese

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Canadian photographer Andrew B. Myers gets it

Ed Van Der Elsken (1925-1990)

Diana Artus
Double Delusion, 2013

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Käthe Hager von Strobele
Leftover, 2011

Rolf Nowotny
Tyrant, 2014

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Noemie GoudalTectonic, 2014Lambda print

Noemie Goudal
Tectonic, 2014
Lambda print

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Photographs by Mitch Epstein

top to bottom:

Apartment 304, 398 Main Street, 2001
Untitled NY (oranges and blue curtain), 1997
Office Door, 2003
Untitled NY (Calvin Klein Billboard), 1998

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Images from Josephine Pryde’s show, Knickers, Berlin

A selection of the photos is being displayed by Temnikova & Kasela Gallery at Cosmoscow 2014, September 19-21. 

Selections from the portfolio of Brazilian artist Rochelle Costi

top to bottom: 

Coleção Grandes Obras, 2013
Dentro, 2013

Various works by Paris-based photographer Stéphane Couturier.

Some of Couturier’s work is being shown by Galerie Kornfeld at Istanbul’s ArtInternational 2014, September 26-28. 

Images from Catherine Chalmer’s series, Food Chain

Various works by West Indies-based photographer Wayne Lawrence

Tarek Al-GhousseinK Files 781, 2013
via Taymour Grahne Gallery